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    To make moments alive forever - The most precious moment that only happen once in a lifetime won’t be complete with only a thousand of pictures saved as life time memory, well picture can provide you the beauty and memories, but there is something you can get more from your wedding. Imagine what if all of those thousand pictures are alive and moving? All of the emotions, voice, and reactions on your wedding day that can’t be taken by photographer, can be record thoroughly by Bali Wedding Videography.

    Bali Wedding videography is a Bali Based wedding videography company by Danny Halim Productions. We understand the true value of your wedding. With the best experience and have been well-known to the wonderful and unique art and style of the videography we definitely shoot and record every single moments of your wedding and create it into high definition result, in additionally you will get the best quality movie that can be view again in the future and the most importantly share to the world.

    We offer customization and flexibility like no other. We will work together and provide you with a thousand of ideas and concepts as well as translate your unique story and unforgettable moment and turn into everlasting memories. And finally we will work our best to fulfill your needs.

    Please contact us for further information and book now your special date.

Bali Wedding Videography // Adriane & Jeffery’s wedding at Ayana Bali

Adriane and Jeffery come and see us before their wedding date, they want to discuss for the video shooting which they have no idea what they have to do,
at the same they were stress and confusing on the weather on their wedding date, which shown in the weather cast there will be a big rain and storm.
We told them what shown in the weather cast could be in other place, not on your wedding venue.
We cheers them to be happy and not stressful. We remind them to pray for a great weather on the date and don’t worry.

On the date the weather is really nice. No big rain or big storm like they worry and what shown in the weather cast is totally wrong.
We can see both of their happy face. warms greeting from their family and friends. So Happy for you Adriane and Jeffery

Congratulation for your wedding, Happily ever after..Cheers!!


Ayana Bali Wedding // Danny Halim Productions // baliweddingvideo

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The Proposal in Bali // Johnathon & Jolene // Anantara Uluwatu

Marry Me?

Johnathon and Jolene come from singapore to Bali for holiday and having a valentine photo shoot. That was Johnathon told to Jolene. Behind Jolene, He actually has planning a surprise proposal for his girlfriend, Everything were well prepare before both of them come, When we arrived to the Anantara Uluwatu, where they live and which is the proposal venue, We met Johnathon first, while Jolene were in the lobby waiting, we are in front their room having a brief discussion with Johnathon for surprise proposal on the next day.
On that day we do the photo shoot. The next day Johnathon send Jolene to Spa room, while he is preparing the surprise proposal with our team at Dewa Dewi chapel. To spin up time, Johanthon ask the Makeup artist to do makeup on jolene longer time. Jolene has to wait in the spa room for about 30 minutes, to make sure everything is ready and waiting for sunset time, Jolene didn’t notice anything. She only know that today is another video shooting. When she arrived to the chapel, There are marry me sign with red rose on the floor, LCD big screen playing the video and dining table.

The proposal begin with Jolene watching video clip on LCD, at the end of video, Johnathon came out and singing with rose hand bouquet and then propose Jolene.
And at the end of proposal covered with a beautiful firework.

We were very happy for them and thank you for letting us to capture and witness your the most important story in life.
Congratulation Johnathon and Jolene, keep your love growing and stronger.



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