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Fion & Kenny’s wedding at Bulgari Bali

“Picture Perfect”
How do you guys described fall in love?When you ask every couple, how they are being together? Yes, This question will ended up with lot’s of answer, and of course always start with falling in love, Then why? The answer would be “She complete me”, “I found he/she is the one that can makes me feel comfortable”, I love her/his personalities, we both find ourselves were destine to be together.

[“Spinning me around, Falling on the ground, Got to say your voice, Is my favourite sound, (I love it), Counting every star, Dreaming every dream, You and I could live out the perfect scene, You’ve got the face to fit the frame, I cannot look away, Like can’t you see, I’m hypnotised”]
This Lyrics make us feel bubbly in love and happy when we are falling in love or when we finally found our “True Love”. Yes, it’s true!!We are hypnotised every time we look at his/her eyes, when we are together, the world would become so wonderful.

Let’s enjoys the moment of Fion and Kenny tying the knot in beautiful paradise Bali!! Hope the best for them and let’s their love stay together forever and ever.


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