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Bali Wedding Videography // Adriane & Jeffery’s wedding at Ayana Bali

Adriane and Jeffery come and see us before their wedding date, they want to discuss for the video shooting which they have no idea what they have to do,
at the same they were stress and confusing on the weather on their wedding date, which shown in the weather cast there will be a big rain and storm.
We told them what shown in the weather cast could be in other place, not on your wedding venue.
We cheers them to be happy and not stressful. We remind them to pray for a great weather on the date and don’t worry.

On the date the weather is really nice. No big rain or big storm like they worry and what shown in the weather cast is totally wrong.
We can see both of their happy face. warms greeting from their family and friends. So Happy for you Adriane and Jeffery

Congratulation for your wedding, Happily ever after..Cheers!!

Ayana Bali Wedding // Danny Halim Productions // baliweddingvideo

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