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    To make moments alive forever - The most precious moment that only happen once in a lifetime won’t be complete with only a thousand of pictures saved as life time memory, well picture can provide you the beauty and memories, but there is something you can get more from your wedding. Imagine what if all of those thousand pictures are alive and moving? All of the emotions, voice, and reactions on your wedding day that can’t be taken by photographer, can be record thoroughly by Bali Wedding Videography.

    Bali Wedding videography is a Bali Based wedding videography company by Danny Halim Productions. We understand the true value of your wedding. With the best experience and have been well-known to the wonderful and unique art and style of the videography we definitely shoot and record every single moments of your wedding and create it into high definition result, in additionally you will get the best quality movie that can be view again in the future and the most importantly share to the world.

    We offer customization and flexibility like no other. We will work together and provide you with a thousand of ideas and concepts as well as translate your unique story and unforgettable moment and turn into everlasting memories. And finally we will work our best to fulfill your needs.

    Please contact us for further information and book now your special date.

Surprise Proposal in Bali // Kathlyn & Kyros


One day we got phone called from Kairos’s friend, he ask a special request to filming his friend propose his girlfriend in Bali secretly. He request for a hidden camera to shoot while they are having a dinner.

On the day of proposal, everything set up base on their request. As we always meet our client before shoot their wedding, pre wedding shoot, engagement, etc therefore we know exactly which one is our client, however this time is different. We only have conversation and discussion for the rundown with their friends and sometimes secret chatting with Kairos, but we never seen his face. We remember that our fun experience when filming “secret proposal” that our team shoot the wrong couple, as our team confuse, there are lot’s of couple in that area and at that time all of his friends also hidden somewhere else, as what we did. 😀 and Finally instinctively we found out the right couple whose walk to the romantic dinner set up table.

Thank you to Kathlyn, Kyros and friends. Congratulation for your successful proposal. Two thumbs up for all of you. (^___^)

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Daniel & Jeslin’s wedding at The Edge Uluwatu Bali

Be My forever…
Find someone who isn’t afraid to admit they miss you. Someone who knows that you are not perfect but treats you as if you are.
Someone who’s biggest fear is losing you, Someone who gives their heart completely.
Someone who says “I Love You” and means it, Find someone who wouldn’t mind waking up with you
in the morning seeing you in wrinkles and your gray hair but still fall for you all over again

We are so excited to share with you the wedding of Daniel and Jeslin.
During capture the moment and edited this wedding trailer, we can see in every single scene the joyfulness and sweet smile from the bride and groom.

Keep your love shine forever and ever. cheers!!



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Hardi & Irene’s Wedding at Alila Villas Uluwatu Bali



Hardi & Irene “Marry Your Daughter”
Can marry your daughter
And make her my wife
I want her to be the only girl that I love for the rest of my life
And give her the best of me ’till the day that I die
I’m gonna marry your princess
And make her my queen


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Fion & Kenny’s wedding at Bulgari Bali


“Picture Perfect”
How do you guys described fall in love?When you ask every couple, how they are being together? Yes, This question will ended up with lot’s of answer, and of course always start with falling in love, Then why? The answer would be “She complete me”, “I found he/she is the one that can makes me feel comfortable”, I love her/his personalities, we both find ourselves were destine to be together.

[“Spinning me around, Falling on the ground, Got to say your voice, Is my favourite sound, (I love it), Counting every star, Dreaming every dream, You and I could live out the perfect scene, You’ve got the face to fit the frame, I cannot look away, Like can’t you see, I’m hypnotised”]
This Lyrics make us feel bubbly in love and happy when we are falling in love or when we finally found our “True Love”. Yes, it’s true!!We are hypnotised every time we look at his/her eyes, when we are together, the world would become so wonderful.

Let’s enjoys the moment of Fion and Kenny tying the knot in beautiful paradise Bali!! Hope the best for them and let’s their love stay together forever and ever.


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